Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Lodge

Lately I have been obsessed with paninis & not just any paninis, the gorgeous creations from The Lodge to be more exact!! Before I show you the perfection that I like to dine on, I’ll tell you a bit about the place.

The Lodge; A cute little cafe which is quite rustic and looks like it belongs in a quiet village in the middle of nowhere (to a certain extent, this is true). There is only a few select staff that work there, and the customer service is outstanding. The best way I can describe it would be the stepping stone from cafe to Starbucks, it could be considered “Hipster” due to the fact that there’s books scattered all over the windowsill waiting to be picked up and ventured in to. Furniture is a cute mixture between battered coffee tables to super modern sleek dining furniture, personally I love mixing the new with the old.

Without further-a-do onto heaven;


When I said these were heaven I wasn’t lying or exaggerating in any shape or form, but I guess you’ll have to find out for yourselves!!

The delight you can see above is also known as a Turkey mozzarella panini with a side salad smothered in an unknown salad dressing. It was too hot for my usual deluxe hot chocolate so I swapped it for a toffee frappucino. Delicious!!

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