Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snap Snap!!

Photography is a big thing in our modern culture and it's surprising how many different types of photography there actually is; documentary, fashion, advertising, standard photography, etc. 

My flat consists of mainly creative courses, we're made up of PFA (photography of fashion & advertising), Film, Documentary photography, Fashion, Documentary film and Creative theraputic arts. You could say that we all kind of bounce off each other and would be able to help each other out at one point or another, which is what this post is all about. 

One of my good friends Amelia is on the PFA course and we were talking about our blogs and whatever, so I suggested that I'd reccomend her on my blog as we're both starting out trying to break into the blogsphere. Be the amazing people you are and follow Amelia's blog and maybe like her facebook page? Maybe? Yes? Awesome!! 



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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Let's go out tonight

Lately I've been having a few personal issues, which have been pretty difficult to deal with. I'll admit I moped about for a few days but last night I decided enough was enough, and after oohing and aahing over whether I should hit the town with some friends, I kicked myself out of the house. I had a damn good time. 

First I met up with the birthday girl and her entourage at a small pub where Saturday night is Karaoke night, so we giggled and sang along with the karaoke machine with drinks in hand, at first I didn't enjoy myself admittedly but within an hour or two the mopey behaviour was defeated. Kayla 1 - 0 Emotions. 

At it's busiest time I recognised a figure walking into the pub and walked over to say "heyy", turns out a small group of some old friends that I hadn't spoken to in quite awhile had decided to go out for a pint or two, how wrong they were. Three drinks later, topped off by three fishbowl cocktails in various flavours we moved onto the club armed with glittering wigs and a laughable atmosphere to boot. 

After we danced the night away, we decided to call it quits just after all the kebabs shut their doors. I was not impressed by this fact, was more than ready for a very unhealthy meal at an unspeakable time. Moral of the story; things do get better and they're not as bad as they seem

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fresh as a daisy

Welcome to my new blog, just somewhere for me to document my thoughts and life. Before now I have dabbled in a fashion blog but I ended up running out of things to write about so I'm going to write a lifestyle or a diary from here on out. I hope you all enjoy!! 

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