Thursday, 23 May 2013

Goodbye freshers!!

Today is the day that I move out of my dorm room & move back home with my parents for the Summer months until I get the keys for my house. This means that the fact that I am no longer a fresher & that some little newbies will be taking my place in the hallowed halls of Camelot in September. All I’m going to say to you freshers who do take our places;

“do flat 2c proud and make as many amazing memories as we did!!”

I never expected to have as much fun or meet as many amazing people as I have since September, it feels like I have known them years and even though we’ve only known each other a short while I feel as if we have grown together. So here’s to the class of 2015, leaving freshers year unscathed & ready for more!!


























Goodbye Camelot, this could be emotional…

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Quotey quotes

If you know me, then you’d know I am obsessed with Tumblr & quotes. Does that make me a philosphical person? I don’t know but, I live by quotes, I feel like they sum up life.

Quotes are my love, so I decided to share them with all you readers out there.

These are a few of my favourites which I found scrolling through my dashboard the other night, if you’re interested in seeing more you can find them on my personal tumblr.

- All images are from Tumblr, none belong to me

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Monday, 20 May 2013

i’m gonna pop some tags

Thrifting has become a rather popular activity all over the world, confirmed by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in their number 1. single “Thrift shop”

However as far back as I can remember I’ve been going to car boot sales, fayres in various churches dotted around my area as well as local charity shops picking up various items that I showed an interest in. I remember picking up a typewriter when I was about 7 or 8 at a local fayre and writing stories on it and giving them to people as presents (if you couldn’t tell, I love writing) and coincidentally I also love to pick up books from these places.

Yesterday, well yesterday was different. Me & my flat mates as well as a few of the honoury Camelot members ambled down to a car boot sale in our local village. Amelia, Lucy & I were mainly scouting out some home decor for our house which we get the keys to on July 1st!! Our first ever home away from our parents, because let’s face it you can’t count dorms as home away from home.

After buying a few pieces we realised that maybe we had a theme going on here; vintage yet modern.





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Sunday, 19 May 2013

three cheers for Coachella, three cheers for Summer

I am by nature a Summer baby being born in August so I am obsessed with Summer & everything that is associated with it, one of those being the Summer or festival fashion.

Summer lasts all year long, when it’s Winter in the UK and the rest of the north, it’s boiling hot Summer in the south, this fact really keeps me positive & happy in my darkest hours.

Festivals happen all over the world during the Summer months; Coachella in California during the month of April, Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds to name a few for the UK from the months of June – August. Unfortunately this year I missed out on festivals but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear the style.


An example would be the photo above of me in a shirt I created (keep eyes peeled for a more detailed post on it in the next few days) doing a festival inspired shoot to add to the portfolio simply to show off the shirt.

Topshop is very big on the festival style;


As is their partner in crime Miss Selfridges;


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Sunday, 5 May 2013


This is a very dodgy subject to be talking about I think and up until two weeks ago I didn’t realise how big a deal it was in the fashion industry due to the fact these ads never see the light of day in the publications they’re intended for and can only be found online & in articles about their ban.

The subject I am on about is the sexualisation of children in the media & more specifically the sexualisation of Dakota Fanning Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lola! campaign. Controversy is a big deal surrounding this issue, because of two age limits. It can be argued that Fanning is seventeen and can therefore make her own decisions in the respect of sexualisation because the legal age for sex is sixteen but in the eyes of the law she is still a minor and because of this the ad is wrong. Both prove very good points and it’s difficult to pick a side but I want you to tell me what you think as society is what changes the culture we live in.

I made a quick survey on surveymonkey regarding my academic report (yes, I am writing this for my course & yes, i did spend an hour this weekend googling Lolita and child protection laws sat next to a copper). Go to this link and tell me your views!!

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