Sunday, 19 May 2013

three cheers for Coachella, three cheers for Summer

I am by nature a Summer baby being born in August so I am obsessed with Summer & everything that is associated with it, one of those being the Summer or festival fashion.

Summer lasts all year long, when it’s Winter in the UK and the rest of the north, it’s boiling hot Summer in the south, this fact really keeps me positive & happy in my darkest hours.

Festivals happen all over the world during the Summer months; Coachella in California during the month of April, Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds to name a few for the UK from the months of June – August. Unfortunately this year I missed out on festivals but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear the style.


An example would be the photo above of me in a shirt I created (keep eyes peeled for a more detailed post on it in the next few days) doing a festival inspired shoot to add to the portfolio simply to show off the shirt.

Topshop is very big on the festival style;


As is their partner in crime Miss Selfridges;


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