Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Lodge

Lately I have been obsessed with paninis & not just any paninis, the gorgeous creations from The Lodge to be more exact!! Before I show you the perfection that I like to dine on, I’ll tell you a bit about the place.

The Lodge; A cute little cafe which is quite rustic and looks like it belongs in a quiet village in the middle of nowhere (to a certain extent, this is true). There is only a few select staff that work there, and the customer service is outstanding. The best way I can describe it would be the stepping stone from cafe to Starbucks, it could be considered “Hipster” due to the fact that there’s books scattered all over the windowsill waiting to be picked up and ventured in to. Furniture is a cute mixture between battered coffee tables to super modern sleek dining furniture, personally I love mixing the new with the old.

Without further-a-do onto heaven;


When I said these were heaven I wasn’t lying or exaggerating in any shape or form, but I guess you’ll have to find out for yourselves!!

The delight you can see above is also known as a Turkey mozzarella panini with a side salad smothered in an unknown salad dressing. It was too hot for my usual deluxe hot chocolate so I swapped it for a toffee frappucino. Delicious!!

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring overhaul

Spring has finally poked it's head out from the midst of the Winter weather that has by overstayed it's welcome. The clock's have gone forward, the presence of the chill is governed by the wind & the sun is enjoying shining down on us satisfied citizens below. Britain, Spring is finally among us!!

A task that is associated with the season in a big way is the dreaded spring cleaning. This year I plan on doing an overhaul on everything, my wardrobe is my main focus because I don't wear a lot of what is hanging on my rails but I see things in the shops that I want but have no room for so this is much needed. Come along for the journey if you please.

The lack of space to store items such as shoes & clothing is a bad thing for me because I am a hoarder in this department but frankly do I really need most of these clothes? The answer is simply “No”

Enough was enough and I sifted through my wardrobe and chest of drawers scrapping everything I didn’t wear anymore, before neatly folding them and putting into bags ready to be transported to the charity shop. 3 full bags to be exact and that’s still not enough, I ran out of bags!!

Goodbye clothes, hello to a wardrobe full of items that I will get use out of and space for more clothing.

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Yer a wizard ‘arry!!

Wednesday is a special night in the university community, yes, you guessed it. Student night!! (Just realised the way I write my blog seems like university is no work, all play. brace yourselves)

It was my flat mates birthday so Camelot rallied around our round table to play knightly games such as foo bar before leading onto a game that Harry Potter fans will be familiar with QUIDDITCH, you can tell I love me some Hazza Potts.. as does Amelia.

First let’s go to the beginning where we got ready, my friend Amy curled my hair for the night out which I was extremely thankful for because it looked gorgeous, and I was pretty upset when it started to drop out.

Before the party games we had to save a very beautiful dress from a not so beautiful drinking disaster also known as spillage stains. Yes, vodka & coke had struck. Who, knew I’d be hair drying and scratching a dress like a cat before the night had got underway.

Now, onto the student antics!!

Foo bar was a great success, and definitely the funniest game I have ever played. Who ever thought this up, you my friend, are a genius!!

But here’s a nice photo before the antics begin;

So, yes, before when I mentioned quidditch I wasn’t kidding and got pretty convinced that I should relocate to Bangor university next year just to fulfil my dream of being on a quidditch team but running up and down the corridor in heels on a broom is the next best thing as you can clearly tell

A few smashed glasses later, some quick group photos were taken before taking our journey elsewhere

And onto the clubs…

I really wish I had more photos to share than what I have but they’re either repeats and wouldn’t be understood and as for whilst I was out, I was just enjoying being in the moment.

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Toile time

be showing my toile and 2 d work to my tutor and I’m pretty nervous so that’s going my head is “ahhh!!” I probably have nothing to worry about but I can’t shake that constant worry in my head, oh well.

I thought I’d show you what my outcome is so far, enjoy (:




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Saturday, 13 April 2013


Yesterday I got invited to a birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Chimichanga, I would just like to take a moment to talk about the decor (Classic design student right here). Well the decor was absolutely adorable, it made me feel like I was legit on holiday in Mexico, the restaurant was decorated with stone totem statues, aztec patterns and black accents. It was extremely modern and am looking forward to my next adventure there.

The atmosphere was so fun and easy, which instantly relaxes the diners.  First we ordered some drinks, I tried the ever so tasty Pina colada. Cue; "Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.”

Even if you hate pineapple and coconuts as I do, I would still 100% recommend this drink it topped off the holiday feeling perfectly!!


When everyone arrived we received our menus, which gave out a 50’s jazz vibe as well as keeping with the Mexican theme. A lot of contemplating ensued due to the fact we were spoiled for choice, I wanted to try at least 5 dishes on the menu but in the end I settled for a gorgeous creation known as the Smokey mountain burger.



A smokey mountain burger consists of your classic burger patty topped with bacon, Jack cheese & portobello mushrooms, along with a side salad and house fries, mixed salad or mexican rice. It’s probably one of the less spicy dishes due to the fact I am so sensitive to spice, but the house fries are lightly coated in a spicy residue and the tomatoes on the salad definitely had spices added to them!!

As there was a birthday, we had a good play with some sombreros after they sung the “Happy birthday!!” song and brought over some ice-cream and a candle.


Thank you Changa for the food and sombereos!!

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Like every other Apple product owner, I too am part of the cliché Instagram clan that has slowly taken over the social media world. I am not ashamed to admit that I love my instagram, best invention ever!! (After my iPhone of course). Instagram was the extent of my photography due to the amount of time I have for myself even though I do enjoy taking & editing photos at a mediocre level, but yesterday I was browsing through my other guilty pleasure (Tumblr) and I came across a beautiful polaroid camera. 

It made me realise how useful a polaroid would be for me in my profession as well as just being a fun camera to own to take silly snaps with friends and instantly having a copy rather than having to go through the technology of uploading to a computer & printing out either through a printer or a supermarket.

How cute would polaroids be added in to my fashion sketchbooks instead of standard photos printed off on an average home printer?! 

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