Friday, 19 April 2013

Yer a wizard ‘arry!!

Wednesday is a special night in the university community, yes, you guessed it. Student night!! (Just realised the way I write my blog seems like university is no work, all play. brace yourselves)

It was my flat mates birthday so Camelot rallied around our round table to play knightly games such as foo bar before leading onto a game that Harry Potter fans will be familiar with QUIDDITCH, you can tell I love me some Hazza Potts.. as does Amelia.

First let’s go to the beginning where we got ready, my friend Amy curled my hair for the night out which I was extremely thankful for because it looked gorgeous, and I was pretty upset when it started to drop out.

Before the party games we had to save a very beautiful dress from a not so beautiful drinking disaster also known as spillage stains. Yes, vodka & coke had struck. Who, knew I’d be hair drying and scratching a dress like a cat before the night had got underway.

Now, onto the student antics!!

Foo bar was a great success, and definitely the funniest game I have ever played. Who ever thought this up, you my friend, are a genius!!

But here’s a nice photo before the antics begin;

So, yes, before when I mentioned quidditch I wasn’t kidding and got pretty convinced that I should relocate to Bangor university next year just to fulfil my dream of being on a quidditch team but running up and down the corridor in heels on a broom is the next best thing as you can clearly tell

A few smashed glasses later, some quick group photos were taken before taking our journey elsewhere

And onto the clubs…

I really wish I had more photos to share than what I have but they’re either repeats and wouldn’t be understood and as for whilst I was out, I was just enjoying being in the moment.

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