Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring overhaul

Spring has finally poked it's head out from the midst of the Winter weather that has by overstayed it's welcome. The clock's have gone forward, the presence of the chill is governed by the wind & the sun is enjoying shining down on us satisfied citizens below. Britain, Spring is finally among us!!

A task that is associated with the season in a big way is the dreaded spring cleaning. This year I plan on doing an overhaul on everything, my wardrobe is my main focus because I don't wear a lot of what is hanging on my rails but I see things in the shops that I want but have no room for so this is much needed. Come along for the journey if you please.

The lack of space to store items such as shoes & clothing is a bad thing for me because I am a hoarder in this department but frankly do I really need most of these clothes? The answer is simply “No”

Enough was enough and I sifted through my wardrobe and chest of drawers scrapping everything I didn’t wear anymore, before neatly folding them and putting into bags ready to be transported to the charity shop. 3 full bags to be exact and that’s still not enough, I ran out of bags!!

Goodbye clothes, hello to a wardrobe full of items that I will get use out of and space for more clothing.

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