Sunday, 24 March 2013

Let's go out tonight

Lately I've been having a few personal issues, which have been pretty difficult to deal with. I'll admit I moped about for a few days but last night I decided enough was enough, and after oohing and aahing over whether I should hit the town with some friends, I kicked myself out of the house. I had a damn good time. 

First I met up with the birthday girl and her entourage at a small pub where Saturday night is Karaoke night, so we giggled and sang along with the karaoke machine with drinks in hand, at first I didn't enjoy myself admittedly but within an hour or two the mopey behaviour was defeated. Kayla 1 - 0 Emotions. 

At it's busiest time I recognised a figure walking into the pub and walked over to say "heyy", turns out a small group of some old friends that I hadn't spoken to in quite awhile had decided to go out for a pint or two, how wrong they were. Three drinks later, topped off by three fishbowl cocktails in various flavours we moved onto the club armed with glittering wigs and a laughable atmosphere to boot. 

After we danced the night away, we decided to call it quits just after all the kebabs shut their doors. I was not impressed by this fact, was more than ready for a very unhealthy meal at an unspeakable time. Moral of the story; things do get better and they're not as bad as they seem

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